Raptors Senior Basketball

The club caters for both competitive and social basketball players by running separate sessions for our Senior teamand open scrimmages.  Scrimmage sessions are freely open to all players and typically take place between April and September when matches in the local leagues have stopped. These sessions are organised through a WhatsApp group where sign up information will be posted each week. Please get in contact to be added to this group.

Trials for the Senior squad typically take place in August before the local league seasons commence in late September, early October. If you are interested in playing for the club please get in touch.

Sponsorship Opportunities

To help us grow and expand as a club/organisation we welcome local companies or organisations who would like to work with the club. We have a variety of options for anyone willing to sponsor us and can provide information on how we can both mutually benefit from this opportunity. Sponsoring local sports teams such as ours can bring your business a variety of advantages including: increased awareness, positive advertising and building a reputation of goodwill. If you're interesting in getting involved please contact us at info@cambournebasketball.org.

Womens team

Our scrimmage sessions are open for all players, including women. The club has aspirations to create a womens team. This is entirely dependant on enough players showing an interest allowing us to plan for a full season of competitive play in the local leagues. If you are interested, please let us know.